Maps Prove South Florida Speaks Differently Than the Rest of Florida

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Florida, of course, is not so much a culturally unified state as it is a patchwork of distinct regions with their own mannerisms and idiosyncrasies.

A series of maps taken from an North Carolina State University survey have been making the Internet rounds this week. They map out what parts of the country say "soda" or "pop," or pronounce caramel with two syllable or three.

Sure, it's interesting on a national level, but perhaps no state is divided in its speech more than Florida. In fact, South Florida speaks very little like our fellow Florida citizens to the north. Seriously, we don't even pronounce Florida the same way.

When it comes to using "Y'all" or "You Guys," South Florida is the only place in the state that agrees with the rest of the country that y'all is some southern nonsense.

I usually just call it "mayo," but apparently the three-syllable pronunciation is more prominent in SoFla than NoFla

The New York City area appears to be the biggest three-syllable partisans in the country, and it's not the only time we agree with NYCers more than we do the people of, say, Tampa.

Like the Northeast and California, we call it "soda" down here, but Panhandlers prefer "Coke," like most of the South.

The Northeast and South Florida are the only areas that strongly prefer the term "sneakers."


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