Miami is Only the Seventh Most Sinful City in America According to Real Estate Site

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Sure, there's that other city out there that calls itself "Sin City," but we've always known that Miami is America's real capital of sin. Or so we thought. Real estate site decided to calculate America's most sinful cities. It's no surprise we came in the top ten, but it's eye-opening that we only made it to seventh place.

The site decided to base its rankings on the seven deadly sins and used the following criteria:

  • Strip clubs per capita (Lust)
  • Cosmetic surgeons per capita (Pride)
  • Violent crime per year per 1,000 residents (Wrath)
  • Theft per year per 1,000 residents (Envy)
  • Percentage of disposable income given to charity each year (Greed)
  • Percentage of obese residents (Gluttony)
  • Percentage of physically inactive residents (Sloth)

With all that added up, Miami only came in 7th. Though we did beat Las Vegas (which came in 10th). We always knew we were more sinful than Sin City. Then again, Las Vegas does tend to have more magic shows than the Magic City, so it's only fair we suppose.

What's more surprising is the six cities that are supposedly more sinful:

6. Cincinnati, OH
5. Milwaukee, WI
4. Pittsburgh, PA
3. Minneapolis, MN
2. Orlando, FL
1. St. Louis, MO

Granted, given that two of the seven criteria had to do with obesity and inactivity and only one had to do with the fun kind of sin (strip clubs), maybe we shouldn't be so peeved we didn't come out on top.

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John Pearson
John Pearson

How the fuck did St. Louis make number one? They have no real strip clubs, you have to cross the river into Illinois to see naked chicks. I guess they weighted the fat and lazy higher.

Amanda Drewniak
Amanda Drewniak

Don't even front New Times Miami is fake ass shit that thinks they are the high kings they were in the 70s and early 80s. Miami is just a ton of small time dealers fighting for vacant lots. LOL

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