Miami to Offer New Yorkers Free Rides in McLaren- and Lambo-Like Cars Tomorrow

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Remember how Miami's tourism board last year put a pop-up pool in the middle of Manhattan? Well, this summer it'll offer New Yorkers free rides in candy-colored high-end sports cars.

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau will set up shop in Bryant Park in the middle of Manhattan tomorrow and re-create a palm-tree-lined slice of South Beach. Inspired by a print ad from the bureau's recent "It's So Miami" ad campaign, the publicity stunt will also offer free rides in cars like the orange McLaren featured in the ad.

From noon to 6 p.m., the cars will drop participants off anywhere between 57th and 34th streets and Park to Eighth avenues.

"Greater Miami and the Beaches' streets are lined with vibrant sports and luxury cars. Sunny yellow, electric orange, red hot, bright blue, stunning silver," notes the news release.

Well, that depends on what part of Greater Miami you're in, but sure.

The attraction will also offer New Yorkers free coco frio and cafecitos. Note to New Yorkers about the Cuban coffee: Go easy on the stuff -- you're already high-strung enough.

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Lousy event. They picked a terrible spot, are playing music tremedously loud (New Yorkers LOVE loud for no reason, everybody knows that) and it looks very vulgar.

The palm trees are nice at least. 

Shaneeva Y
Shaneeva Y

;) I'm managing the social sweeps for this.

Lillie Carrero
Lillie Carrero

This is awesome! Thought of you guys lol Shaneeva


They should give them a 32 oz drink too.

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