Micky Arison Out as CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines

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Well, maybe he'll have more time to watch Heat games.

Less than a week after his NBA team won its third championship, Micky Arison finds himself out of a major job. Carnival Corporation announced today that Arison will be replaced as CEO by Arnold W. Donald. Arison has been the CEO of Carnival, the Doral-based company his father founded, since 1979. However, he will remain chairman of the board.

Though profits at the company are up this quarter, thanks largely to lower fuel costs, the company has weathered a number of PR crises in the past few years. Several ships have suffered from power outages and onboard fires. In one instance this February, known as "Poop Cruise 2013," a ship was left adrift in the Gulf of Mexico for five days with backed-up toilets. In January 2012, the Costa Concordia (owned by a Carnival subsidiary) capsized off the coast of Italy, killing 32 passengers. This has resulted in people remaining hesitant to book trips through the company.

Donald is the founder and former chairman of the board of the company that brought us Equal sweetener, and he had several high-level positions at Monsato. He has served as a director for Carnival since 2001. He's also the president and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council, a network of high-profile African-American business leaders.

Arison seems to be on board with the change.

"I have been discussing this with the board for some time now and feel the timing is right to align our company with corporate governance best practices," he said in a statement.

Arison also remains Carnival's largest shareholder.

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frankd4 topcommenter

well maybe he can go take a cruise himself now

either carnival IS the worst run cruise line or else they are the most unlucky - i don't know - but it seems the bigger and bigger these ships became the less luxurious and safe and pleasurable these ships actually are

who wants to be floating around in cramped quarters ten decks high in rooms the size of closets just so this form of "leisure" is affordable to the masses

yes, i do know people who have gone on cruise after cruise but i also know of many one and done experiences as well -  yet being as germ-phobic as i am i don't see myself going anytime soon

HOWEVER the last thing CARNIVAL needs is a guy from MONSANTO to fix a public relations mess


Smoke and mirrors.  Watch what happens when the Heat negotiate  terms with the city and start asking for arena upgrades.

Bob Yard
Bob Yard

I hope they have him cleaning the Norovirus and fire hazards out of Carnival's ships


Monsato?   Great, another d-bag who's out to screw the public.

Joshua Numa
Joshua Numa

He'll be quoting Lebron, "Look me in my eyes, I ain't no worries" lol

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