Miss USA Will Be Held in Doral For Next Three Years

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Miami Beach was home to the Miss USA competition for over a decade in the Sixties, and pageant owner Donald Trump announced today that the pageant will return next year to our neck of the woods for a three-year run. This time, however, it won't be held on the beach, but rather in the glamorous suburb of Doral.

Suburban sprawl may not be most obvious location for America's second most famous beauty pageant, but this move is all about corporate synergy. Remember, Trump now also owns the Doral Golf Resort & Spa. The Trump property will of course be host to the competition.

Is Doral now secretly Miami-Dade's new power center? The Miami Herald officially moved there last month.

OK, probably not a power center. But outdated institutions Americans by and large ignore now like beauty pageants and daily newspapers go to to stick together, we guess.

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Doral Golf Resort & Spa Hotel

4400 NW 87th Ave., Doral, FL

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Carl Snyder
Carl Snyder

I hope Ms. Utah doesn't get lost while visiting. good luck trying to find someone that speaks English to get directions....LOL

Alexander Milian
Alexander Milian

Im sure the Doral police force has $$ signs in it's eyes now. They will ticket you for chewing gum there.

Geoff Paugam
Geoff Paugam

Donald Trump...he owns the pageant, he owns the Golf Resort...thats all you need to know right there.

Hali Neal
Hali Neal

At least some of the coverage shows the triple A where it actually is and not the same shots of Ocean Drive over and over

Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza
Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza

No big deal. The basketball community keeps referring to downtown Miami as "South Beach". Why not Doral as "Miami"?

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