Opa-locka Cop German Bosque Arrested for Kidnapping Man Trying to File a Complain Against Him

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He's been dubbed "Florida's dirtiest cop," and he finally found himself on the other side of the law this weekend after he was arrested for an incident two years ago during which he allegedly kidnapped a man who was trying to file a complaint against him.

In August 2011, Bosque, then an Opa-locka police offer, illegally handcuffed a man who had shown up at a police station to file a complain against him. He allegedly forcibly escorted the man from the lobby and then detained him in a holding area against his will. The man eventually left but did not get to file the complaint.

Earlier that day, Bosque had allegedly punched the man when he showed up to report a domestic dispute.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement Miami Regional Operations Center has been investigating the case since February 2012 and finally made an arrest Friday. Bosque faces charges of kidnapping, tampering with a witness, and battery.

Bosque, however, is no stranger to controversy. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune dubbed him "Florida's dirtiest cop." He had been the subject of 40 internal investigations. The Huffington Post reports he has "head-butted a handcuffed suspect, spit in a drunk man's face, swept the legs of a handcuffed man, caused and then tried to cover up a crash, and slapped a minor so hard the child's face was swollen the next day."

He has been fired from the Opa-locka PD and other Florida police forces six times but had always somehow gotten rehired. He was last fired by the Opa-locka department in October 2012 and has not worked as a cop since.

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frankd4 topcommenter

I wonder WHO will play him in the MOVIE ?

frankd4 topcommenter

what's he doing as a COP ?

he should be a politician !


South Florida police is so corrupt. Poor taxpayers down there, they have to pay cops' salaries and benefits, their administrative leaves, the endless lawsuit settlements and lawyer fees, and they can't even file a complaint without being beaten and arrested... Even if they file a complaint, it is investigated by the same cops and their friends who committed the crime. Amazing! Land of the free epic fail...

James Eagles
James Eagles

What does it say when you fear the cops more than you do the criminals?

Mercy Mercy-Me
Mercy Mercy-Me

"He has been fired from the Opa-locka PD and other Florida police forces six times but had always somehow gotten rehired" amazing -_- smdh. I would sue the whole department for continually hiring this guy back and making it possible for him to continue harassing people.

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