Ray Allen Extends His Contract With the Heat

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The three-pointer that sent Game 6 of the NBA Finals to overtime might be well be the shot of Ray Allen's career, but that doesn't mean it will be the last big-game trey he knocks down for the Heat.

Allen just exercised a $3.2 million option to stay with the team next year.

Allen is likely sacrificing a bigger contract to play elsewhere so he can chase another title as his career winds down.

As ESPN points out, Allen's play option means the Heat will face some hefty luxury tax bills and may force the team to consider parting ways with Mike Miller, but whatever. The news for now is that Jesus Shuttlesworth has one more year in red and black.

Let's celebrate by putting this on repeat:

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Cisco Bazan
Cisco Bazan

Why did he resign? I read on espn he had re-signed with the heat. Somebody's lying

Bianca Jay
Bianca Jay

You need to change the title. resigns = left, declined the offer.

Jonathan Hawes
Jonathan Hawes

wait Allen isn't playing for the Heat anymore? what happened?

Andy Torres
Andy Torres

re-signs, guys. come on, you had me thinking he retired. stop bashing miami for a second and get some editors.

Karin Dunne
Karin Dunne

I think you guys mean "re-signs". That was a pretty upsetting title for a moment...

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