Rick Scott Hits Highest Approval Rating but Would Still Lose to Charlie Crist by Ten Points

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Has Rick Scott gotten better at being governor, or has he just not been as terrible as usual?

According to a new Quinnipiac Poll, Scott has hit his highest job approval rating since taking office. Of course, that approval rating still isn't very good, and most voters still don't think he should be re-elected.

The poll finds that 43 percent of voters say they approve of the way Scott is handling his job, while 44 disapprove, meaning that for just about the first time ever, Scott's approval ratings aren't negative in a statistically significant way. In March, he had a 36/49 split.

Since March, Scott's approval rating is up six points among Republicans, but perhaps more important, it's up 11 points among Independents. His approval rating was down one point among Democrats.

According to the poll, 50 percent of Floridians, however, say Scott should not be re-elected in 2014, while only 35 percent say he does deserve re-election.

In a hypothetical matchup, Scott would lose to Charlie Crist 47-37. But that's some improvement from when Crist led Scott by 16 points in March.

Scott would lose to U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson 48-38. Scott still leads against state Sen. Nan Rich, 42-36 (though, 84 percent of voters say they haven't heard enough about Rich to make up their minds).

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Clemente Morales
Clemente Morales

This is just another way of keeping us like mushrooms (feed them shit and keep them in the dark), so that no one is "stunned" if he "somehow" gets elected to a second term.

Gregory Raveen Ramsaran
Gregory Raveen Ramsaran

Sorry, this is not true, I didn't vote in this poll and I would have voted in favor of Oscar the Grouch instead of this idiot.

Danny Cespedes
Danny Cespedes

Neocon Republican voters would vote for Hitler himself if he was part of the Republican party.

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