San Antonio's Newspaper Got Really Weird Today

These crazy finals are leaving fans on both sides praying before tonight's Game 7, but the San Antonio Express-News took it to church in its pages today.

As points out, this was a special pullout poster in today's paper:

The full-page pictorial accompanied a story about a group of Catholic nuns praying for the Spurs before every game.

"We want them to win," Sister Rosalba Garcia told the paper. "They have a very open way of thinking and playing the game. They think of each other."

Unfortunately, as far as we know, the Heat does not have a group of nuns reaching out to the big fan upstairs, but that's OK, because the team has Hialeah Heat fan San Lazaro in its corner.

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Why print something like that in a newspaper? This is a good ad but you are wasting ink and printer supplies in printing that. You should focus on using affordable printer supplies if you plan to print that nationwide.


Eymi In
Eymi In

I think that San Lazaro should be wearing a white jersey... just saying


Breaking news, if there is a god, she doesn't give a shit about who wins.

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