Subhanna Beyah, Accused of Drugging and Robbing Men, May Also Be Behind a Terrible Record Label

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Waking up after a night of partying at YOLO the club and realizing you've been conned out of $100,000 is a great way to feel serious shame and regret, unless you are actually Drake. (In which case, YOLO!)

Sheriff's detectives in Broward County are currently searching for a group of women accused of seducing men at various Ft. Lauderdale clubs including YOLO, drugging them and taking off with their valuables. One of these women, identified by police as Subhanna Beyah, is based out of Miami Beach and has been accused of taking $6,000 cash and four high-end watches from one recent victim. She also appears to be behind a terrible SoBe record label.

Arrest warrants have also been obtained for Johnnina Miller, Keshia Clark and Ryan Elkins, who are all also in their 20s. Besides targeting victims at YOLO, police say the women have been operating out of Vibe Ultra Lounge, Blue Martini, Dicey Riley's and Elbo Room.

Beyah, who is 25 and also goes by Crystal, was arrested in 2009 for pulling a pickpocketing scam in New York City, according to the New York Post. She and three cohorts were arrested for luring men into their vehicle with promises of driving to after-hours parties. While the victims were squished in the backseat, one of the women would stealthily snatch cash and credit cards. Beyah has also been arrested multiple times in Miami-Dade County for grand theft.

It's not clear when Beyah ended up in South Florida, but last year she was listed as the principal officer of the now-defunct Diversity Records Inc., a for-profit company based out of an oceanfront hotel suite on Collins Avenue.

A search for that company yielded a promotional Facebook page for a record label with 16 fans. The page features rap videos with the titles "Time Getting Hard" and "Dope Boy Swag."

Siren songs they are not; the music is poorly produced, typical crunk rap fare. Riptide shot a note to the person running Diversity's Facebook page asking about Subhanna, but we haven't heard back yet.

Know where these ladies are hanging out? Call the Broward Sheriff's Office at (954) 493-TIPS.

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Its called tricking everyday allday. You go out tricking your money on slores, and eventually they play a trick on you.


another case for mysogomy.

chipahoy topcommenter

Subhanna Beyah? What kind of a name is that...her parents were either dyslexic or scrabble champs.

frankd4 topcommenter

i won't say WHICH ONEs but of the hang-outs mentioned in this article - it is common knowledge that some of these hang-outs encourage PLANTs to come and run up tabs that the guys will get stuck paying

the management at these places is well aware of these womens intentions YET since these places PROFIT as well from these scenes they openly welcome these women in

it just reminds me how utterly slimy the whole ft liquordale high end bar scene is but then again i don't run a place that has a $50,000 per month rent nut - and that's a lot of watered-down $18 drinks to serve

frankd4 topcommenter

THIS IS RETARDed................just another example of STUPIDITY (olde coots who think women still need them) meeting druggies (these women have a lifestyle they cannot afford with typical jobs so a jones is a jones when it calls - right ladies ?)

frankd4 topcommenter

no wonder tiger woods only had WHITE girlfriends - seventeen HOs and counting  and not a sista in the mix (what the difference between SANTA CLAUS and TIGER ?  santa claus stops at three HOs)

drakemallard topcommenter

do you realize that light-skinned ho was a ho, right?

 have you asked yourself why a twenty-year-old girl would want to go out with a man your age?

Well, that sounds like a stripper name. Cristal like the champagne, might you be a stripper?

That's how it starts, you know? Takin' bitches out to eat — meals and whatnot. Next thing you drug up and robb.

frankd4 topcommenter

back in the dayz they were HIGH YELLOWs (yellas) and reknown for their cavorting and i was no smarter then just germ-phobic so that was that for me YET the macho olde man egotistical playa is gonna get played by someone anyway so it might as well be FLORIDA - right ?


@kandikaine919 Last i checked, you arent an idiot because you do not know a second language other than english...

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