Top Ten Moments of the 2013 Miami Heat Season

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What an incredible roller-coaster ride the Miami Heat took us on this season, filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and in the end, utter satisfaction. It's rare that a sequel out-awesomes the original, but the 2013 Miami Heat season did just that. It was The Dark Knight of NBA seasons for Miami Heat fans -- a sequel that has us craving a trilogy.

In the words of Samuel Smiles: "The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win it without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honor. If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved."

The struggle really is what makes it fun. Well, it's easy to come to that conclusion now, anyway. Nobody will remember Miami's first-round sweep of Milwaukee. In fact, the only thing you might remember from that series is Brandon Jennings' "Bucks in Six" prediction. Some of the downs that Heat fans experienced this season subconsciously are what they craved, because it provides a chance for you to get behind something, defend something, believe in something at its worst point, even when everything and everyone on the outside is telling you it's not worth believing in anymore. In a way, it's like picking up a family member or friend when they need you the most.

Like Al Pacino's character Walter Abrams in the movie Two for the Money said: "I never feel better than when they're raking the chips away -- not bringing them in." It sounds irrational, but being sports fan is irrational. I mean, really deep in my heart I believe what cup I drink from affects the Miami Heat's performance, and it's so much fun.

All that "I need to feel pain to appreciate pleasure" stuff is fine and dandy, as long as you get the pleasure in the end. Along the way, the highs outnumbered the lows, and let me tell you it was a real bitch narrowing it down to just the ten best moments. So without further ado, your top ten moments of the 2012-13 Miami Heat championship season.

10. Miami Heat Harlem Shake

Hey, I said moments, not plays. Things like this are what makes this team different and what makes them the most fun team to follow in sports. Not many teams could pull this off, or want to for that matter, but it fit the personality of this Heat team. They don't care what you think, and you can't stop them from having fun while they are kicking your ass.

9. Bosh beats the Spurs

Little did we know, huh? This was one of the most enjoyable games of the season, much like the Atlanta game in 2012 where Wade and LeBron also sat and Bosh drained a three at the buzzer to send the game into overtime. The beauty of this team is it's filled top to bottom with "Miami Heat guys" who embrace the franchises culture and stay prepared to contribute, whenever that might be.

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Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez
Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez

went last hear.. no lie i fuckin hated it and im die hard heat fan... too many ppl and shit. NBA tv this year for me..

Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera

Many congratulations to the heat. They deserve the win. And the city deserves the parade. But I work on Biscayne and I dont even want to think about parking and getting to work today lol. Cheers to everyone who'll be there.

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