Two Hialeah Men Arrested for Trying To Fish For An Alligator

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Let's just start this off with a quandary about the occasional oddness of the English language. There are so few suitable synonyms for "fishing" that immediately bring to mind the actual act of using a rod and line to try to catch something on a hook, but in instances where someone may be using a rod and line to catch something that isn't a fish is it really still "fishing?"

I don't know, but I do know two Hialeah bros got busted for trying to fish --er alligate(?)-- an alligator.

Anibal Delgado Reyes, 46, and Erial Hernandez Diaz, 37, were busted this early week at Holiday Park up in Broward County. The two were spotted by an off-duty Broward Sheriff's Officer reeling attempting to reel in an alligator on a hook-and-line. As the two didn't have a permit to hunt gators, they were charged with second-degree misdemeanors of violating the state's conservation rules.

However, when they appeared before a judge on Wednesday they tried to claim that they were simply trying to fish and ended up alligating on accident.

"Boy, that's some dumb luck, huh? Just accidentally had an alligator," BroCo Judge John "Jay" Hurley said according to The Sun-Sentinel.

"Don't accidentally catch any alligators," Hurley continued. "If you see an alligator, walk away from it. It may accidentally get in the back of your truck. You never know about those alligators."

Hurley however did let the two men go without bond.

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gators are good eating.

Exiliado topcommenter

The judge sounds like a jackass to me.

While I do not doubt the guys were actually trying to catch the alligator, that "dumb luck" is actually possible. In fact, it happened to ME before.

About six years ago I was near the intersection of Tamiami  Trail and Krome Avenue, teaching my kid how to fish. We were doing catch and release; the point was to teach my son how to do it.

At some point a small alligator (three to four feet) managed to bite on a small fish as my son reeled it in. I admit we played with the thing a little bit. It was kind of fun because it gave a fight. After a couple of minutes I just cut the line to let it go. Well, the dumb critter went at it a second time after we resumed fishing, so I had to cut the line a second time.

The animal was so dumb that it made a third attempt. At this point I decided to move to a different spot for two reasons. First, the stupid animal was at this point really annoying. Second, I did not want some idiotic ignorant to blame the whole thing on ME and try to give me a fine or get me arrested.

Talk about dumb, Huh? 

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