Will Rick Scott Pick Charlie Crist's Former Best Friend as Lt. Gov.?

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Florida has been without a lieutenant governor now for 100 days, and Rick Scott has shown no signs that he's going to pick a replacement anytime soon. Though, an intriguing name has been circulating in political circles: Former Senator George LeMieux. Yes, Charlie Crist's former best friend and chief of staff.

Which would add an intriguing soap opera-level twist to the campaign if Crist does indeed run for governor again as a Democrat.

Perhaps that's why the name has been bubbling up recently. It would add another layer of drama to a governor's race that's already shaping up to be one of the oddest in Florida history. Though, the rumor isn't totally weightless.

The Buzz points out that LeMieux did join Scott recently on his week-long trip to Paris (though, he was just one in Scott's eighty deep entourage). LeMieux did praise Scott during a brief speech:

Perhaps it was his Lt. Gov. audition?

Plus, if you're an unpopular incumbent governor who may or may not face a still popular (at least in comparison) former governor with bipartisan appeal who better to have in your corner than the man who knows that opponent better than almost anyone?

LeMieux ran Crist's 2006 campaign and then took on the role of chief of staff. Crist rewarded LeMieux with the job of keeping Mel Martinez's Senate seat warm until the next election. Though, there public friendship fell apart once Crist left the Republican party.

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George "Frenchy" Le Mieux blackmailed his way into a Senate seat. LeMieux made millions while lobbying all the time claiming not to be a lobbyist. He took got monthly checks from convicted GOP Boss Jim Greer. The little Frenchman was the advocate and defender of Greer. LeMieux knew and signed off on EVERYTHING Greer did. Scott is not susceptible to blackmail. There is ZERO chance he will selected for LG and isn't under consideration.  Get a life.

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