Antonio Mora Is Headed to Al Jazeera America

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Antonio Mora, the Cuban-born news anchor whose spent time at WSVN, had a stint on Good Morning America and until late last year anchored the news desk at local CBS-station WFOR, has a new gig. He's headed to Al Jazeera America in a plum prime time slot.

According to a press release, Mora will host Consider This, a weeknight talk show geared at current affairs. The show will feature interviews, panels and input from viewers sent through social media.

"Antonio has enormous experience as a reporter, anchor and interviewer. His enquiring mind and warmth on screen will make 'Consider This' a home for smart conversation with a wide variety of people across the country," Al Jazeera America's deputy launch manager Paul Eedle told The Wrap.

Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based television network announced its purchase of liberal current events channel Current TV earlier this year, and will relaunch the channel as Al Jazeera America on August 20.

Mora anchored at CBS 4 for four years, but left last December after his contract was not renewed. Though once an anchor for several newscasts a day including the 11 p.m. show, Mora's duties at the station were reduced to about 20 minutes on-air each day by the end of his latest local run.

Mora will also join former New Times staffer Trevor Aaronson who has joined the channel's investigative team.

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Carl Snyder
Carl Snyder

just what we need....more degenerative ideas from one of the most subversive cultures on earth. will laugh when it flops.

Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez

Al jazeera is actually a decent news outlet they actually give you the world news and events which is hard to come by in the us news market unless you read the paper. They operate in a similar fashion to the bbc..

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

Are you kidding me? I know his family. They must be devastated. What a turncoat.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

No Surprise.

If Mora's parents had kept him in Cuba he would be sucking Raul's dick right now.

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