Bye, Bye Mike Miller: Heat to Use Amnesty Clause

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Despite reports that the Miami Heat would not use the NBA's amnesty clause this offseason, several Heat beat reporters are tweeting that Mike Miller's agent has been informed that the veteran would be waived under the rule.

From The Palm Beach Post's Ethan J. Skolnick:

And The Herald's Joseph Goodman:

The amnesty clause as negotiated under the current CBA allows a team to waive one player each offseason who has been with the team since before the 2011-12 season. That player's salary will not count toward the team's salary cap. Other teams are allowed to claim the player at a reduced rate (with the waiving team still paying the difference between that and his current salary).

Unfortunately for Miller, the move makes dollars and sense for the Miami Heat. Miller has the fourth highest guaranteed salary behind LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. He would have received $12.8 million over the next two seasons.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst explained the situation and possible taxes the Heat could face by keeping Miller:

With the help of ESPN salary guru Nick Silva, we know the Heat are currently looking at a payroll of more than $88 million and are $16.4 million over the luxury-tax threshold. Last season, that would've cost them $16.4 million in tax. In 2013-14, that will cost them nearly $33.6 million in tax.


If the Heat use the amnesty on Miller, it will save them nearly $17 million in taxes and knock their projected bill down to roughly $16.9 million.

Bye, bye Miller. We'll miss you, your amazing ability to play with just one shoe, and your occasionally stunning three-point sprees.

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jjcolagrande topcommenter

Love Miller, but we were paying him too much: 6.4 mil next year

Norris Cole only gets 1.1 mil. 

Birdman: $1.4 mil. 

Ray Allen 3.2.  Rio: 4.0 Battier: 3.1

Thanks for the memories, Mike. You'll get picked up, with more playing time.

Least you weren't wearing a Free Hernandez hat.

Martin Copping
Martin Copping

Noooo... Maybe the Bulls, Knicks, Thunder or Lakers will pick him up? #GoGators

William Flores
William Flores

hes still gonna get paid what the heat owe him...and hell likely sign with another contender...good luck to him...he was a huge piece to what the heat did...this slumps next year Battier!

Milton F. Roiz
Milton F. Roiz

The ultimate goal is keeping Lebron past 2014. As much as it hurts to let Mike go, his contract was no good for the team. Thanks for the memories and hope he finds a team on the west coast. Hahaha!!

Ernest Seow
Ernest Seow

This was to reduce luxury tax burden

Victor Alvarez
Victor Alvarez

i knew it was gonna be hard to get everyone back. But, so sad to see Miller go... We owe him so much! such a competitor and always, always ready to play no matter what. He will be missed, and who ever gets him is a lucky team. Hope to get him back in a HEAT jersey asap n hopefully he can retire with us.. Thanks for all the real hard work and energy Mike!!!

David Mojica
David Mojica

Appreciate all that Miller did for El Heat but using the amnesty on him is in the best interest of the team. Now we have more money to attract a decent center

Zuzy Ferreira
Zuzy Ferreira

Sad to see him go. Julie N E Manso, Gladys A. Alvarez :(



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