Chris Bosh's Son Is So Much Chiller Than Prince George

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Forget little George Alexander Louis. Dude's swag level will never match up to little Jackson Bosh's.

After a promotional excursion to India, Chris Bosh took his family for a trip to Rome, where the world's chillest baby picture was snapped.

via Bosh's WhoSay
Look at him -- chilling in his wayfarers, casually dozing off after reading books about the secrets of Japanese strategy beside some European lake surrounded by mountains. Not only will Prince George never live such a chill existence but, more than likely, neither will you.

[via Deadspin]

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drakemallard topcommenter

There is no such thing as royalty. Your decedents of England's dictators are not special people. I can't believe you are gullible enough to willingly pretend like they are better than you. We escaped that absurd circus 240 years ago, and you can too. Be free!

Michael del Vice
Michael del Vice

We fought for independent so that we didn't have to care nor hear about the baby....


I don't know. In ten years no one will probably know or care who Jordan Bosh is but in twenty years Prince George will be able to take the family jet to Gsdat  to go skiing and have 90 percent of the worlds female population his age want to marry him.

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