Florida Fugitive Caught After Commenting on His Own Mugshot on Facebook

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The Pasco County Sheriff's Office likes to post a "Fugitive of the Day" on their Facebook page. The posts tend to get a few dozen comments, but usually not from the person actually pictured in the mugshot.

Well, Matthew Oliver saw his pic up on the page and started commenting away. Police then tracked him down and arrested him.

Oliver, 23, had a warrant out for his arrest after police believed he was involved in a robbery.

Oliver saw the post himself and decided to clear his good name.

And he just couldn't let it go.

Seriously, Oliver just keep posting all day. He claims he couldn't have been involved in the robbery because he got cut during "an mma fight got mrsa and almost died," and hence was in the hospital at the time.

Turns out however his warrant was still active. An officer decided to watch his apartment, and when Oliver came out he was quickly arrested on Friday afternoon.

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Why do all MMA fighters have big,sticking-out ears?


Jjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaajjajajaja What A Fkn Clown!!!!!!!!!

Raffi Azari
Raffi Azari

looks like Aaron The-Mike Holder Shimmy Berman

j.pollo topcommenter

Stupider still are the cops who couldn't find him when he was at home. Not a lot of police work.

Tanya C Davis
Tanya C Davis

this post on the Pasco Sheriff's Office is THE funniest shit ever!

Cee Kamacho
Cee Kamacho

Será bruto? He was just bored and wanted to get caught already :/


@Cee Kamacho  He will be very popular where he's going!  lol...  Don't drop da soap Einstien :)

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