Florida Man Uses Dying Man's Debit Card Before He Bothers to Call 911

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Clarence Davis had a chance to be a hero. Instead, he decided to get some grand theft out of the way first.

Davis, a maintenance man at the University Commons apartment complex in Gainesville, Florida, came across J.W. White when he was near death or already dead. Instead of calling 911 immediately, Davis stole the man's ATM card, withdrew more than $600, and then, finally, called for help.

According to the Gainesville Sun, White was suffering form an undisclosed medical condition and often relied on Davis to help him run errands. That's how Davis knew the man's debit card PIN number and came across White in his moribund state.

Police, however, were not aware of the theft until three week's after White's death. His brother contacted police to inform them $611.90 (including fees) had been withdrawn from the man's bank account the day of his passing.

Police checked out surveillance footage of a nearby ATM and saw Davis using the card just minutes before he called 911.

When confronted, Davis said he had White's permission to withdraw the money to pay for rent and other bills, but then he admitted he used the money to spruce up the man's apartment so he could rent it out after he was dead.

Davis was arrested and charged with grand theft.

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Austin Heffernan
Austin Heffernan

i hate how there are so many grammar mistakes found in publications these days. Does anyone in the field of journalism have any respect for spelling/grammar anymore? smh

Sharon Wilson Dass
Sharon Wilson Dass

when opportunity knocks...... But dude right here is heartless!!

Carlitos Flores
Carlitos Flores

Its like scumbags are in a contest to see who can out-doo the previous bag of trash.

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