Florida Woman Accused of Stealing Three Strap-on Dildos From Ex-Girlfriend's Storage Unit

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It's a question that factors into so many lesbian breakups: Who gets to keep the strap-ons? A Florida woman and her ex couldn't come to a civil agreement on the matter, and Ashley Rivera had her ex-girlfriend arrested after she allegedly broke into a storage unit and stole three strap-ons and a pair of handcuffs.

According to the Smoking Gun, Rivera had rented a storage unit two months ago in Indian River County where she kept important items such as her birth certificate, pets' vaccination records, clothes, and old photographs. Rivera, 23, also let her then-girlfriend store some items in the unit.

Well, two weeks ago, the couple broke up (oddly, the ex's name hasn't been released by the Indian River County Sheriff's Office despite being the suspect), and Rivera realized some of her possessions had gone missing from the unit. She thinks the ex went to the storage unit, paid the back rent, and had accessed the unit with a key she had.

Rivera thinks the girlfriend took the sex toys (worth $300) and some important documents in an attempt to get back together. Instead, Rivera called police and wanted to file theft charges. The investigation remains open, and no arrest has been made.

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