Former Mayor Carlos Alvarez Debuts Bro-tastic New Tattoos at Latest Body Building Competition

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On the one hand, we did kick out former Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez in a historic recall election, so at the very least maybe we should let him live his post-public life in peace however he sees fit. On the other hand, the former mayor of the seventh biggest county in America is now an amateur body builder who's sporting some serious Spring Break-worthy tattoos with his mankini.

Back in January, Riptide was the first to report that Alvarez had taken up the somewhat surprising hobby of senior citizen bodybuilding. We could see then hints of tattoos, but really couldn't make them out. In the pics from his latest competition we can really make out Alvarez's ink work.

screencap via Muscular Development
Check out the full gallery for yourself over here

On Alvarez's right shoulder he appears to be sporting a panther popping out from the grass. Though, a little bit oddly, the panther's coloring doesn't match that of the iconic Florida panther. Alvarez's right ink seems to be similar, but this one features a tiger.

It makes you wonder if he's named each arm "Panther" and "Tiger."

His back tatt is a little harder for us to make out thanks to the lights reflecting off his oiled-up 61-year-old body. Anyone got an idea on that one?

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hey : ***rty hey **dy hey ***hard lol!,always for now . . always for now . .


The back tattoo is a cobra


He’s just flaunting what a meathead cop he is.

Besides, don’t they take away points for tattoos at these competitions?


no good piece of Sh_t Alvarez has the raisin balls and the rice crispy D_ck from the steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dantevida topcommenter

the but tattoo is the face of his personal trainer (and steroid supplier)

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