Former Police Chief Exposito Calls DOJ Investigation a "Hatchet Job"

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Disgraced former Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito is none too pleased that the Department of Justice found that his former department engaged in routine excessive force and violated the constitution under his watch. The man who was once caught on tape calling his own officers "predators," now calls the DOJ investigation a "hatchet job."

"I take exception when people come out and do a hatchet job and that is basically what it is," told Local 10 in an exclusive interview.

"They just threw a blanket, 'Well, these tactical units were out of control.' Well, give some examples," said Exposito. "I think the person who did this investigation has no idea what police work is about."

Exposito claims that he was never interviewed for the investigation even though he had volunteered to do so.

"It doesn't make any sense that they wouldn't do that," he says.

While the report also investigated misdeeds that occurred during the tenure of his predecessor, John Timoney, the report was triggered by a string of fatal police shootings under Exposito's watch that left seven black men dead in eight months.

Exposito, who was fired in 2011 due to drama over gambling machine enforcement, says he might even draft his own official response to the DOJ's findings.

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"I think the person who did this investigation has no idea what police work is about." - Exposito

Police work is "about" enforcing the laws, period. Police have long been successful in avoiding oversight from the public and deterring close scrutiny from elected officials by claiming it is not 'fair' to second guess their actions because only fellow officers the risks, dangers, etc., of the work involved. And over time, much of the public and elected officials have bought into that myth. 

We the People must stop deifying police officers. There is no valid reason to exempt them from non-LEO public oversight. The job involves denying freedom to citizens by arrest and detainment, and to use only the amount of physical force required for compliance during the arrest process, up to and including lethal force. Those entrusted with such special powers in our society must expect scrutiny of their work.

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