Latest Horse Meat Salesman Busted in Slaughterhouse Raid Was Also Booked in 2010

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When Jesus Navarro was arrested for selling $1,350 horsemeat to undercover cops, it didn't seem to make much of an impact. Other men might have taken pause after a 2010 police report described their work environment as full of "rotting food and putrid water" and co-workers as "three dead goats in various stages of decay." Not Navarro.

Instead of going above-board, police say Navarro boldly moved to another illegal enterprise about five miles down the road. On Tuesday, he became is the latest of four men arrested in a slaughterhouse raid on VIP Animal Sales, located at the 25000 block of Southwest 177th Avenue in Homestead.

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The Miami Beach-based Animal Rescue Mission spearheaded the undercover investigations that also led to felony charges of animal cruelty against Andre P. Martinez, Juan Bazan and Daniel Lombana. About 75 animals, including horses, pigeons, chickens and rabbits, were recovered, according to police warrants.

Court records show that this isn't Navarro's first rumble with the meat police, though. Had he been convicted of selling the horsemeat back in 2010, he would would spent at least year in jail under the Ivonne Rodriguez Horse Protection Act, which passed just a few months before his arrest.

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But for reasons that aren't clear in the files, the charges against Navarro, who is 51, were dropped back in 2010. Records point to conflicting reports in the affidavit and incident report, one of which states that Navarro pocketed the money for the horsemeat while the other pins it on co-defendent Orestes Gonzales. A charge of nuisance injurious to health and five counts of unlawful disposal of an animal carcass were also not pursued.

Parenza Farms, another illegal slaughterhouse located on Southwest 184th St., was raided within the same week as VIP Animal Sales.

Navarro now faces one felony count of animal cruelty.

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Florida is stuffed with immigrants that eat horse meat because that's done in the countries they come from.  They don't seem to know or care how filthy these home grown slaughter pits are. The photos I saw of one of them that was shut down in this same area had flies all over the place with the knives used to cut up the animals laying on the ground with barrels of pig guts. I cannot understand why the law hasn't shut all of this down years ago.  They  fatten all the animals including the horses using boxes of trimmings from the back of grocery stores.


This is the reason the USDA has regulations and laws. "Please" sign the petition on Change. Org under animals Petition to Overturn the Legalization of the Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption. While you are there you can sign other petitions intended to stop the criminal element involved in these types of crimes. Let your voice be heard, please sign today. Animals are counting on us everywhere!


Why do the criminals always get away with it? Why are charges not pursued, I know they say the courts are jammed but if they enforced the laws when the courts first come across these criminals perhaps they would not become the lifetime re offenders that they are, which in the long run uses up far more resources. Wonder how he treats women and children?


Just execute this scum and be done with it.

fitnfabulous 1 Like

Corruption and greed=no ethics, morals, principles, or justification. Living in America used to mean something and stand for something. Our standards and image were high and proud. We are completely lacking in any attempt to uphold those standards and we are becoming a joke and even hated by many countries around the world. Now, the U.S. wants to bring back the barbaric and atrocious horse slaughter industry!?! You've got to be kidding me. We never learn do we? That is because corruption and greed are horrible teachers and lethal bed-fellows.  

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