Marco Rubio Is Dropping Fast in Republican Polls

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Just last year Marco Rubio was dubbed the "Republican Savior." Now he's getting booed by the Tea Partiers who first helped him come to power, and that fall is reflected in several new national polls.

Over at Five Thirty Eight, Micah Cohen analyzes Rubio's latest numbers. It's not a pretty picture, but it might not yet spell doom for Rubio's potential future.

"In the four national surveys conducted in January, an average of 20 percent of Republicans said they would support Mr. Rubio for the party's nomination in 2016," writes Cohen. "That number dropped to an average of 11 percent in the four primary polls conducted in June."

What's to blame? Likely Rubio's high profile part in the Senate's recently passed immigration reform bill. While his bill was far from liberal-approved, it was also moderate enough to draw the ire of many conservative Republicans.

So far only two national polls have gauged Rubio's national favorability rate since the immigration debate, but both show deep drops among Republicans. In an ABC Poll in August he had a net favorability among Republican of 43 points. It's down to 25 points in June, a drop of 18 points. Rasmussen polls also showed a drop of 16 points between May and June.

Though, in some ways that was inevitable. When he came to office Rubio was cheered on by both establishment and Tea Party Republicans. The establishment hoped he could use his stature to get things down. Tea Partiers wanted to remain an unwavering bastion of strict far-right Republican ideals. With his work on immigration he took the "get thing done" path, and it's not a surprise some Tea Party-types now view him a bit more negatively.

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frankd4 topcommenter

how was this KEN DOLL ever going to beat HILLARY 2016 ?

oH MARco ! was simply too shallow even for the mental cases in the current GOP who otherwise don't like HISPANICs anyway (except of course to cut their grass)

despite being the shinny object d"jour for the tea-baggers yesterday they mostly have the attention span of a gnat so sooner rather than later they were going to chase someone else - like maybe KANYE or JAYz or texas gov PERRY

i guess this makes GLENN BECK a king-maker as he was first to label oH MARco ! too stupid for the party of stupid

actually only FLORIDA would elect such a light-weight and then attempt to propel his onto the "national" stage when in any other states he wouldn't even qualify for municipal office (which is why FLORIDA is he laughingstock of the country)

esta la vista

drakemallard topcommenter

“Marco Rubio born to Cuban exiles? Not true, after all."Marco Rubio Lied About His Cuban Exile Immigrant Background"

His parents came to this country in 1956 looking for economic opportunity. They declared at that time they intended to stay permanently. The fact that Castro came to power in 1959 makes a nice excuse to claim his parents were exiles, but it's simply not true. They came here looking for opportunity and assumed they'd be able to return to Cuba for visits whenever they could. Castro complicated the latter, but didn't change the

which makes Rubio a common anchor baby of a common economic migrant

. . with the added cop-out of claiming "Dry Foot Hot Track Status", denied to every OTHER economic immigrant coming here . . .

Brad Beaty
Brad Beaty

Sean, That's because he's a tea party republican. Those things don't exist in his world.

Sean BlueMango
Sean BlueMango

correction, he's consciously not courting LGBT community and people of African heritage.

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