Marlins Hosting "Legends of Wrestling Night" With Washed Up Pro-Wrestlers

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In their latest doomed effort to goose ticket sales the Miami Marlins will be hosting a "Legend of Wrestling Night" on August 24. Sixteen former professional wrestlers will be on hand for you to, I don't know, look at I guess according to Biz of Baseball. There will be three or four actual wrestling matches taking place after the game.

Though, as former '90s pro-wrestling aficionados, we're not really sure the majority of these guys really qualify for legend status.

Though the list is subject to change, here's who have the Marlins have on store:

Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Undisputed legend. Top ten of all time. Such a badass that no one even questioned the fact he came out week-after-week in pink spandex. In fact, if men today can wear pink without anyone making fun of them you probably have Bret Hart thanks.

Bill Goldberg
As a kid who was pretty clued in that wrestling was fixed even then I recognized his "streak" in WCW was a substitute for any actual personality or storyline, but he was still amazing in the ring. "The Jackhamer" was a pretty amazing finishing move, so we won't argue with the fact he gets to throw out the first pitch.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Literally have no idea who this is.

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Marlins Park

1380 NW 6th St., Miami, FL

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