Miami Mom Arrested for Leaving Son Alone While She Danced at Strip Club

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A common problem for working mothers in Florida is that strip clubs tend not to offer onsite child care for the dancers' kids. Of course, working mothers should never leave their children alone at a hotel while they're at their job, no matter what their occupation.

Brittany Renee Roman, 21, was arrested last week for doing just that.

On Wednesday, a security guard noticed a 6-year-old boy walking alone outside the Westgate Towers hotel in Kissimmee. He noticed the boy alone again several hours later and asked him if he was staying at the hotel. The boy said yes and that he was staying there with his mother.

Police were called but couldn't locate Roman, the boy's mother. Her driver's license listed her residence as Miami, and no one answered her home number.

Several hours later, Roman returned and explained she had been "working and dancing" at the Diamond Club, a strip club in nearby Orlando.

Local police then arrested Roman and charged her with child neglect.

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frankd4 topcommenter

do the MATH

the mother is 21 + the child is 6 =  means the mother was pregnant at 15 years old

any question ?

frankd4 topcommenter

good thing that kid wasn't walking around in SANFORD

Mommy Mafia MIAMI
Mommy Mafia MIAMI

actually, I appreciate you posting this stuff- sure I'm biased with a name like mine. I'm not sure I would have seen it anywhere else, so thank you. As for that woman, UGH.

Jeff Booth
Jeff Booth

Try affording and trusting a babysitter.

Valerie Hower
Valerie Hower

I get tired of these stories too. Especially your headlines that make it seem like all Florida/Miami moms are irresponsible. Why don't you spend your time writing another Trader Joe's article? I appreciated that one.

Sha Almont
Sha Almont

you guys all of a sudden have turned into the strip club and dance club irresponsible mom reporters lol Cool thanks, this news made my day man I was pumped as I read this news, was some of the most exciting stuff happening in our city and I feel I really needed to be told about this woman's blatant irresponsibility with her child. AMAZING STUFF GUYS KEEP IT UP! (caps lock to express enthusiasm)

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