Zaha Hadid Planning Miami's Most Awe-Inspiring Rooftop Pool Ever for Downtown Condo Building (Photos)

Categories: Unreal Estate

Miami certainly has some astonishing pools, but we don't think the city has ever seen anything quite like what star architect Zaha Hadid has in store for the rooftop of the One Thousand Museum.

If you've ever wanted to dive under water and see the view from 700 feet above sea level from inside your goggles, then you should probably make friends with the future residents.

The One Thousand Museum building will be Hadid's first skyscraper in the western hemisphere and is slated to begin construction sometime next year across from Bicentennial Park. We've already shown you the exoskeleton like structure, but Ex-Miami has renderings of the "Aquatic Center and Sky Lounge."

The pool center will take up the 60th and 61st floors of the building, and it appears that pool will be about a story deep.

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They realize, don't they, that all this shit's going to collapse into the sea in a few decades.

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