South Beach Is Underwater Again This Morning (And For Once, So Is the Rest of Miami)

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photo by Tim Elfrink
The thunder rumbled over South Beach around 5 a.m. this morning, just before the torrential downpour. Less than 20 minutes later, more than a foot of water had surged up and over the lower lying parts of SoBe. Hundreds of residents who didn't leap out of bed to move their cars woke up to find puddles inside above their gas pedals.

Catastrophic floods are a fact of summer life in South Beach, but this morning the rest of Dade County is sinking into the ocean as well.

An urban flood advisory for all of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties has been extended until 9:15 am this morning as up to three inches of rain poured down.

In South Beach, that's meant knee-deep water in some places that still hasn't receded:

photo by Tim Elfrink
Much of I-95 was covered in inches of rainwater for commuters:

photo via @JuliaBaggNBC6
Several streets downtown, including 29th Street in the heart of Wynwood between NE Second Avenue and North Miami, are also badly underwater this morning.

Lesson being, back to bed Miami! If you live in South Beach, your car is already under a foot of water, and if you live elsewhere, you're not getting in to work on time anyway.

Maybe Rolling Stone was on to something with the whole Miami as the new Atlantis thing after all.

Update: Riptide readers have been sending in their own aquatic underworld shots from around Miami. Here's Instagram user weirda's front sidewalk:

via weirda's Instagram
She notes, "I need a boat to get to my car."

And here's the view from 82nd Avenue and 19th Street in Doral:

via @E29MIAMI

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Thank you New Times.  You are documenting history in Miami Beach.  Insurance industry is going to have a problem with anybody who registers a vehicle in 33139. 

Lynn Lieberman
Lynn Lieberman

I always wanted to live on South Beach - this is why I never did....The Beach has always been an evacuation zone. At least in the Grove - you could stay. the World's weather ......But I guess I shouldn't talk, since I'm now living on an island! right?

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

@Evan Gallette That cesspool needs a good purge

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