Subhanna Beyah, Accused of Drugging and Robbing Men at Clubs, Arrested in New York

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Miami Beach's version of Robin Hood has come to an end, at least partially. Subhanna Beyah, the 25-year-old woman wanted by sheriff's detectives in Broward County for allegedly taking from the rich and oblivious and giving to herself and her friends, was arrested in Queens on Saturday by New York State Police.

The cops have been trying to track Beyah down since Shaun Rogers, defensive tackle for the New York Giants, was ripped off to the tune of $500,000 after a night spent partying with her at LIV and the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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Other men reported that Beyah and her co-conspirators had seduced them at various Ft. Lauderdale clubs, took them home, drugged them and relieved them of cash, credit cards and jewelry.

One of the women accused of targeting rich clubgoers with Beyah, 27-year-old Keshia Clark, turned herself into Miami-Dade police on Thursday. Johnnina Miller, 25, and Ryan Elkins, 23, are still on the loose.

Beyah, who also goes by Crystal, was arrested for pulling a pickpocketing scam in New York in 2009. It is unclear when she will be extradited to South Florida.

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frankd4 topcommenter

just as card-counters are NOT anonymous at casinos these young ladies were typically ALLOWED to join in on VIP parties by the bar management because these ladies would run-up bar tabs, fictitious or otherwise, in a pay-to-play scam which the restaurant bar operations financially benefits from - BIG TIME

these young ladies are NOT unknown to these bar management operators

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