Three-Year-Old Found Alone in Little Havana Apartment With Assault Rifles and A Grenade

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Leaving a 3-year-old home alone: bad. Leaving a 3-year-old home alone with the door open so the child can wander the hallways of your apartment building: very bad. Leaving a 3-year-old home alone with the door open in an apartment packed full of assault rifles, a grenade, and ammo: next-level, very, very, unbelievably bad.

This has been your guide to 3-year-old child care courtesy of an unnamed man Miami Police are still trying to find after neighbors alerted them to the abandoned child wandering through a roomful of guns and bombs in Little Havana.

Update: The girl's father, Luis Bianchi, has been arrested and charged with felony child neglect.

Around 6:30 p.m. yesterday, police received a call from the apartment building near the intersection of SW Third Street and Ninth Avenue.

Neighbors had seen a toddler wandering the halls of the building and couldn't find the kid's father, who lives in apartment 10.

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When police arrived, they yelled into the open apartment, but no one answered. So they entered in case the child's father had some kind of medical emergency.

The dad was nowhere to be found, but police didn't leave empty-handed. Inside, a "great arsenal of weapons and ammunition were seen in plain view," according to an MPD release. That stockpile included assault weapons (namely AR-15 rifles) and a grenade, the Miami Herald reports.

Police are still trying to locate the child's parents -- whom they haven't publicly identified yet -- to figure out what the hell happened yesterday.

"We're trying to understand the reason for him leaving a 3-year-old alone, but also leaving them alone with this arsenal," William Moreno, an MPD spokesman, tells the Herald.

The child is safely in police custody in the meantime.

Update: Police this morning announced they've arrested Bianchi, who is 25 years old. The girl's father tells police he left her alone because her mother had told him she was on her way to care for the girl and he was late for work.

He admitted to leaving the weaponry and explosives out on a table but told police he blocked the door to the room with the guns with a couch. (Police say the couch wasn't blocking the door when they arrived.) Bianchi also told police he'd locked the door when he left; it's not clear how the apartment door ended up open.

Bianchi had no prior criminal record in Dade County.

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And im sure that these parents have had several past reports to DCF and when DCF investigates this they will simply offer the parents free daycare and write a report about how the parents are very responsible and loving and the child is 100% safe 

Will Wright
Will Wright

He was late for work...give the guy a break..if he got fired how's he gonna buy more guns and pay for the kids funeral? Duh

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

ONE "grenade"

$5 says it was a dummy or novelty piece

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

I don't understand you guys. If the kid's in the apartment full of guns, it's bad. If he's outside of the apartment, it's worse. What's a father to do?

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