With 150 New Florida Laws on the Books Today, Here Are the Four Dumbest

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The Florida legislature arrived in Tallahassee with a historic batch of problems to solve: soaring unemployment, an unstable real estate market, crumbling infrastructure and failing schools. The 2013 session could have been a legendary breath of fresh political initiative.

Instead, the Leg punted on medical marijuana, didn't bother to consider gay marriage rights, and spent months cranking out dozens of inane, useless or counterproductive bills. Today, 150 of those new rules become law. Here are the four dumbest:

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Bogus Bong Ban
As more progressive states like Colorado and Washington have eased prohibitions on medical marijuana, Florida legislators instead wasted taxpayers' time by crafting a new ban on bongs and weed pipes. Luckily for potheads, the lawmakers were incompetent enough -- and head shop lobbyists savvy enough -- that the new law is basically toothless. "It doesn't change a thing in the way we do business," Jay Work, owner of Grateful J's, told Riptide last month; as long as customers don't outright ask for a bong to smoke drugs, it's still perfectly legal to sell it to them. Great use of legislative time, Tally.

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Peter Castro
Peter Castro

That is the problem move the capital from tallahassee to miami please. U know why they call it the heartland cuz there's no brain.

Mike Rivero
Mike Rivero

no gregory, these four are the most ridiculous. there are plenty more, not that the others are much better.

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