Allen West Is Acting Like a Guy Running For President in 2016

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via Allen West's Facebook page
West speaks to Republicans in New Hampshire this weekend.
South Florida had to know that booting Allen West out of Congress wouldn't mean an end to reading about Allen West's antics. The guy almost immediately landed a gig on Fox News after leaving Washington, after all.

Still, dealing with West's rants about Muslims and Obamacare on Murdoch's network is a different animal than dealing with Allen West, presidential candidate. That title may not be official yet, but West spent this past weekend in New Hampshire acting like a guy putting his name out there for 2016's GOP bid for the White House.

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West became a Tea Party hero during his two years in Congress, but alienated many more moderate conservatives in his district with a non-stop sideshow of hardline tactics in DC. His highlight reel included declaring that 80 percent of Democrats are "secret communists," declaring war on Islam as a religion, and slamming Lady Gaga.

But thanks in part to redistricting, he lost a tight race to Democrat Patrick Murphy last fall. His popularity with the GOP's Tea Party wing has stayed strong, though, and West is at least floating the balloon for a 2016 run.

He's hinted at the ambition in the past -- including comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, who served just one term in Congress before heading to the White House -- but this weekend marked a notable trip to early state battleground New Hampshire.

West chatted on an AM radio station, visited naval cadets and delivered a keynote at a Nashua Republican City Committee dinner.

A Facebook campaign to draft West for the presidential race has a respectable 10,000 likes, meanwhile.

Yeah, it's way to early to guess what Allen West is actually up to and you're much safer putting your money on that other one-time South Florida Tea Party Hero who's still actually a force on Capitol Hill. But unless he wins a Congressional race in the meantime, don't be shocked if this is only the first of many New Hampshire stops for the political firebrand.

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He would definitely have my vote.

James Eagles
James Eagles

AW won the most stupid black man alive award in 2012. (rotten tomato toss please!)

Omar Ghaffar
Omar Ghaffar

Alan West is a true bigot that doesn't believe in freedom of religion or the Constitution. He should go live in Russia where I'm sure he'll be well treated. GTFO!

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Anyone....Literally almost anyone would be better than the current occupant of the White House!

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

After Dubya, anyone can be president... As long as they're well connected.


@James Eagles You probably won the most stupid bigot award. I wouldn't even call you a man.


@Omar Ghaffar Yeah, like islam and the muslim scum respects freedom of religion when it comes to any other religion. All muslim countries will be soon cleansed of all Jews, Chrsitians etc, just like during the Nazi era, and you complain about a hero who fights the fascist islamic cult? You are a hypocrite and a bigot; in short the average muslim. Get your butt out of my country .

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