Alex Rodriguez's Greatest Awkward GIF Moments

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Ahhhh Alex Rodriguez, such an easy target these days. Love him or hate him, you gotta admit the hometown slugger just makes poking fun at him so effortless.

With A-Rod still dominating every tabloid in the nation thanks to a certain newspaper (ahem ahem) blowing the lid on a certain steroid scandal, it seems like the right time to revisit A-Rod's most awkward moments in GIF form.

That moment you find out the Miami New Times just busted your ass.

I like to imagine this is A-Rod's reaction after eating Taco Bell breakfast.

"Hehehehehehe..heh...heh....guys...hey......oh yeah that steroids thing."

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Why are you so hell bent on the easy target and not go after the Judges , politicians , and police that were mentioned in the Report? I'm more scared of one of those juiced up than watching a 500 + dinger ,wouldnt you?

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

whos alex? you should do one of David Wright

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