Critical Mass Tonight: Here's How to Join the Ride, or Avoid It

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In a town infamous for apathetic sports fans, Critical Mass is the exception. Almost no one is neutral when it comes to the monthly bike rides. You either love the last Friday of the month, or you hate it with the passion of a thousand burning South Florida suns.

Whatever your stance on the subject, you're better off knowing where and when the bike ride will take place. Click through for a map of tonight's Critical Mass.

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Tonight's ride will begin, as usual, at 7:15 at Government Center.

Here is a map of the route, courtesy of The Miami Bike Scene. It's a 12.5-mile loop through Overtown, Wynwood, Liberty City, Allapattah, Little Havana, and downtown:

The Miami Bike Scene
Critical Mass has been caught up in controversy this summer, with Miami cops and drivers complaining about the traffic delays it causes.

Meanwhile, cyclists have taken umbrage with a recent hit-and-run as well as the bogus arrest of a three-wheeled ice-cream vendor.

In light of Critical Mass' growing pains, organizers have tried to improve the event by placing flags on pacesetters and laying out ground rules.

The Miami Bike Scene

The Miami Bike Scene
So whether you're riding in the pack or passing by in your car, stay safe tonight.

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Stephen P. Clark Government Center

111 NW 1st St., Miami, FL

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It would be really great if these rides didn't give people a tour of the ghetto. I would prefer not to even drive through some of these neighborhoods.

cpchester topcommenter

@foaswag The best part about CM is how you get to see different parts of the city - the good, the bad and the ugly. In fact, these routes end up being the most popular sometime. 

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