David and Victoria Beckham Eyeing Purchase of Versace Mansion, According to UK Tabloid

Before you get too excited, remember an important tool of the British tabloid journalist is pulling things out of thin air and basically churning out fan fiction, but it's fun to think about anyway.

So, yes, the UK's Now magazine is claiming that Posh and Becks are reportedly thinking about placing a bid on the famed former Ocean Drive home of Gianni Versace when it goes up for sale at auction next month.

'The Beckhams' people have enquired about the mansion, but it's all very hush-hush,' says our source.

'It's an incredibly beautiful family home and oozes Gianni Versace's style ideas.

'Posh would be in heaven.

'She's positively drooling at the prospect of living there.

'It'll be very much a second home for them because they intend to be based in the UK from now on.

You know, just a casual second home.

The mansion could be used as a private home once again, but most speculate the eventual buyer would use it for commercial purposes. The building is after all a tourist destination on one of the most-walked stretches of road in the Southern United States. Plus, you know, it was a site of a tragic murder. Would the Beckhams really want to stay there, even if it was part time?

Though, the story makes a certain amount of sense. Beckham does have the right to purchase a Major League Soccer franchise, and all previous indications seem to point the idea that he's seriously considering putting an expansion franchise in Miami.

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Father with four children will not buy a house in a crime ridden corrupt city.   Very few people want to own something were a prior owner was murdered. 

Francesca Mingo
Francesca Mingo

i thought they already owned a place on fisher island

Anastasia Biltmore
Anastasia Biltmore

It is terrible investment unless they are going to pull it down and rebuild a highrise. Then ti would be for an investment. I highly doubt they would buy it to live in. They like their privacy, don't like noise, and have small children. This would not be a good location for them.

Kyle Awon
Kyle Awon

stay at the mansion when we in miami

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

they're not that stupid. Only if said mansion was located in Tribeca or anywhere in NYC, is worth that much money. They'd choose a cheaper mansion in Gables, Golden Beach or Lighthouse Point, meaning, as far away from the "Celebrity Hungry Hialeans."

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