Florida Teen Becomes Youngest Person Ever To Pass England's Bar Exam

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A Florida teenager has become the youngest person in more than 600 years to be called to the Bar in England and Wales. Gabrielle Turnquest of Windemere, Florida, has already made history by becoming the youngest person to earn a BA in psychology at Liberty University in Virginia at just 16, and then went on to enroll at the University of Law in York, England, at just 17.

The average age of a person successfully passing the bar exam in England is 27. Only in 2009 did the country drop a requirement that prospective barristers be at least 21 before taking the exam.

Time magazine points out, though, that before she actually practices law in England she would need to undergo another year of training called "pupilage." Turnquest could also practice in the Bahamas where her parents are from and where she holds dual citizenship. Bahamian law is based on English law, and passing the English exam grants her the right to practice law there.

Though, Turnquest plans on returning to America to study for the multi-state bar exam. She then plans on attending Institute of Design and Merchandising in California and hopes to eventually specialize in fashion law.

"I just really like finishing things before other people do," she told Time. "I don't do well with breaks or vacations."

Turnquest was not the only member of her family to be called to the bar at the same time. Her 22-year-old sister Kandi also passed the exam.

Finally, we have something novel to post about that happened to a Floridian that actually makes us proud.

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frankd4 topcommenter

WELL sonia sotomayor ALSO began in fashion law AND look where that got HER !

if a kid can be a world class athlete at that age why not a world class scholar

of course, the judgement and experience and temperament will come with TIME,  but there is no reason learning has to be age specific AND this should be an illustration to ALL that to be dedicated and conscientious is the basis of EDUCATIONAL success

learning how to learn can be fun and feed itself to any manner of accomplishment

Exiliado topcommenter

I hope this becomes a trend, reporting about those who shine and make us proud.

I hope the media will one day spend their time and resources talking to us about people like this young lady, instead of the current trend of talking about, and glorifying the scum of our society.

Johnny Sterlin
Johnny Sterlin

Very proud of her ! Finally something good to report about FLA !

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Congratulations to her.

I just want to point out that Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell and is the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world

Sean BlueMango
Sean BlueMango

worthy of national news radar ... hope to see report on Nightly News with Brian Williams and Today Show.


@frankd4 There can't be any world-class scholars at Liberty University because it's not a world-class institution.  Many would question how it was even accredited, given that it denies science and teaches a very corrupt view of American history.  

It's most well-known graduate is Tony Perkins, president of the right wing Family Research Council.  It's most famous faculty member is Ed Dobson of Moral Majority fame.  Oh, I almost forgot Sid Bream, who played professional baseball, and his sister-in-law, Shannon Bream, former Miss Virginia who is now a reporter for FOX News. 

frankd4 topcommenter

@Jukes @frankd4  

observers once wanted to test the cognative ability of a young person who did not have a shared language with the observer

so the took a checkerboard and put various objects on each square took a picture of the board and let the young person study it for a while, maybe twenty minutes or so

the observer took the various objects OFF the board, handed them to the young person and asked the young person to put the objects back IN THE SAME EXACT SQUARES and upon completion of this task the observer took another picture

in COMPARING the two pictures, both before and after, hardly any objects were in their original square

when the young person was notified of the apparent test failure, the young person simply turned the second picture around to properly line up with the original and each square perfectly matched object for object in BOTH PICTUREs

now WHOM do you think got more out of THAT experience ?

frankd4 topcommenter

@Jukes @frankd4  

apparently you don't share my view that a kid may not need a 'world-class institution" to somehow else bring TALENT and raw ABILITY to light

i mean if world-class athletes can come out of sub-par environments in education and early development then why not exceptionally smart kids who simply need the guidance to expand their horizons

as for the university you mentioned having a bias, politically or otherwise, that can be said for even HARVARD or YALE which both had "dubbya" as a legacy graduate on his gentlemen's C's and at the bottom of his class

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