Javier Ortiz, Miami Police Union Prez, Urges Good Cops to Stay Away From Miami Police Department

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Miami's Fraternal Order of Police president Javier Ortiz has officially now become one of the oddest characters in Miami. Which is no short order.

In the past month he's been accused of abusing his power by NFL player Jonathon Vilma. He blamed teenager Israel Hernandez for his own death. News of a controversy in which he allegedly illegally beat and Tasered a tourist during Ultra Music Festival in 2011 and filed a false police report after the fact has reemerged. (And that's just the recent controversial things this guy is connected to.)

Well, now through his power as police union prez, he's openly telling potential recruits to stay away from the Miami Police Department.

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Ortiz put up the following video on the FOP's official YouTube channel yesterday:

Of course the video comes as the City of Miami prepares to hash out a new contract with the FOP.

"Our goal is for police candidates (as well as our own Miami Police Officers) that are qualified to be hired by police departments that appreciate their employees," Ortiz said in a statement released to CBS Miami. "The City of Miami has no plan to raise the number of police officers in our City. In the next 36 months, we will lose approximately 200 police officers due to retirement and transitioning to better police departments."

Ortiz says he's also been hitting up recruitment drives and handing out information about other police forces in South Florida to potential recruits, and adds that the FOP plans to get the ad on local TV stations next week.

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drakemallard topcommenter

When city and state governments build facilities for sports organizations which are owned by billionaires, and raise taxes as a result, it is clearly an abuse of power. the infrastructure Is falling apart and the schools are in decline with overcrowding and not enough quality teachers.  firemen,  policemen, a  lot of unemployed people.

Sam Simmons
Sam Simmons

If I didn't read the headline I would have thought this was an article about how fat Luke Wilson got...

Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia

I don't get it... Other then the possibility that he beat someone at ultrafest and falsified a report which I had not heard about, everything else he's said has been spot on and not odd at all.

Alex Pappas
Alex Pappas

well...who would want to be stuck at a salary forever?

Barbara Behrens
Barbara Behrens

Double standard for this unionPrez.! What does he want? Money,fame or is he just stupid...



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