Live TV Streaming Service Aereo Coming to Miami on September 2

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Aereo, the cloud-based streaming service that lets your watch and record local television stations from your computer, smart phone, tablets and even your television, is headed to Miami on September 2. This is great news for people looking to kick their cable company to the curb, and bad news for the TV networks that hate the service.

For as low as $8-a-month, Aereo leases users a small "antenna" that lets them stream all local broadcast TV networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, on their internet connected devices and record shows for later. Those networks have banded together to sue the company, but so far have not had success in court.

The service is a great solution for those who have cut their cable in favor of services like Hulu and Netflix, but still want to watch things like local news and talk shows without breaking out the rabbit airs on their TV. The leased antenna is kept off-site by Aereo, so there's no hardware instillation either.

Users in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties will be able to try out the service for free for a month once it launches.

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