Marlins Trade Miguel Cabrera: Revisiting the Worst Trade in Professional Sports History

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"We're watching one of the greatest right-handed hitters who ever lived." That's what an AL scout told ESPN's Jayson Stark this week for his new piece, titled "We are witnessing greatness," incidentally, about slugger Miguel Cabrera. The article details just what a ridiculous thing Miguel Cabrera has become, ridiculous as in he has become a completely awesome baseball disconfiguring machine.

Cabrera should be a Marlin, but he's not, and that fact hurts more and more with every GIF of Miggy stroking a baseball into the upper deck. Stark's piece makes it more clear than ever: the Fish trading their portly third baseman six years ago is now in the conversation for the worst trade ever, in any professional sport, period. Let's revisit the facts.

On December 7th, 2007 the Marlins agreed to trade Miguel Cabrera and Dontrell Willis to the Detroit Tigers for outfielder Cameron Maybin, pitcher Andrew Miller, catcher Mike Rabelo and minor league pitchers Eulogio De La Cruz, Dallas Trahern and Burke Badenhop.

Look again at those names. Those names put this trade on the sucky side of the worst trade in sports history. All sports. The sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees included.

At the time, the Marlins had numerous excuses as to why a player that was obviously on his way to a Hall of Fame career was no longer a part of their future. He got fat. He committed too many errors. They couldn't afford him. Pick an excuse, any excuse, but none of them make up for the fact that if any of them were remotely true, they still completely botched his dealing in historical fashion.

Not buying it? Let's take a look at where the players the Marlins got for the best righthanded hitter of his generation have ended up.

photo by Philpottm via Wikimedia Commons
Cameron Maybin
At the time Maybin was considered the prized gem coming to the Marlins. In return, he would only play 144 games for the team. In that time he hit 12 home runs and knocked in 43 RBIs. While he was not considered a power hitter by any means, his speed was thought to be elite. He stole 14 bases for the Marlins. The Marlins would trade Maybin to the Padres for two middle relievers in 2010. Maybin just sucked a lot. He sits on the Padres DL this season batting under .200 with one home run.

photo by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons
Andrew Miller
The Miguel Cabrera trade was really about two guys, Maybin and Andrew Miller. In three seasons with the fish Miller tallied ERA's of 5.87, 4.84, and 8.54 in 41 starts, totaling a 10-20 record. Now he sports a Duck Dynasty style beard pitching .2 innings at a time for the Red Sox. More like Suck Dynasty if you ask me.

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Kevin Korza
Kevin Korza

Thus making Jeffrey Loria the most hated man in South Florida.


MIguel Cabrera alone has a unique effect on me. For some reason, whenever I see him at the plate on TV, I want to rip the television off the wall and throw it out the window. It's very strange.

Fernando Buch
Fernando Buch

He was gonna go either way me thinks, but thats no excuse to get the crap that we got, oh wait the Tigers have a long history of fucking us over.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Please get somebody who actually follows and understands the game of baseball to write about the Marlins.

This author is a ignorant, hack who just was fishing for a headline.  As anyone who actually follows the game knows Cabrera was close to free agency and was going to leave no matter what the Marlins did.  The Marlins just attempted to get something from what would have been nothing.

Kenny Southwell
Kenny Southwell

It wasn't a trade. It was a salary dump, as per SOP for the Marlins.


Novel idea: they could have made a competitive contract extension offer. Crazy, I know.

Palangana topcommenter

@Anthonyvop1 even if that's true, it illustrates a failure on the part of the ownership.  Saying "Lebron was going to leave Cleveland anyway" doesn't exonerate Dan Gilbert for creating an environment that would make Lebron want to leave.

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