Miami Beach Calls for Independent Review Into Death of Israel Hernandez

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Following the death of teenager Israel Hernandez, the City of Miami Beach has called for an independent review of the case. Hernandez, 18, was caught tagging an abandoned building by police and then chased down. An officer deployed a Taser which lead to Hernandez's death.

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Here's the release from the city:

The City of Miami Beach, today, requested the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to conduct an independent review of the facts and findings of the investigation being conducted by the Miami Beach Police Department into the in-custody death of Israel Hernandez. This independent review will be in addition to the review being conducted by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office and the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner's Office, both of which have been involved since the first day. "I have complete confidence in the integrity and capacity of the Miami Beach Police Department to conduct a fair and thorough investigation. But the role of the FDLE will provide further assurance to the public of the thoroughness and transparency of the investigation," said Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales. City officials have been in contact with the Hernandez family and the Colombian Consulate to personally extend their condolences and provide assurances of a full and fair investigation. "All of us at the City of Miami Beach continue to be saddened by this unfortunate incident and our condolences go out to the Hernandez family," Morales continued.

Asking the FDLE to conduct an outside review is quite rare for any police department, let alone the City of Miami Beach.

Jorge Mercado, the officer who deployed the Taser, has been put on leave. Previous complains on his record include charges of battery and excessive force.

Hernandez's family has called for a federal probe into the incident.

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When will we start holding officers accountable for their brutality and excessive use of force?    It seems the more these situations arise, the more they are ignored and even justified.  Over 20 years after the Rodney King incident and what has changed?  We live in a country which profits from violent policing.  Read more about how our justice system has fixed the game to turn a buck at

drakemallard topcommenter

For the last 17 years, the North Beach residents and the business owners have been working hard to get the area revitalized and have changed it to be a desirable place to live in and for tourists from all over the world come visit. This has been accomplished with the help and support of the Miami Beach Police Officers assigned to North Beach.

The rebirth of North Beach took a long time and selfish actions, which do not take in consideration the effect on other people, are simply not acceptable. The North Beach businesses offer work for local people, who feed their families with the business movement in the area. At the same time, the majority of the residents appreciate living in a safe and clean area where tourism is welcome because it gives life to this part of Miami Beach.

When private property gets tagged with graffiti, property owners are required by Miami Beach Code Enforcement to paint right away, spending funds that could very well be used for other positive things.

It is very tragic what has taken place with the death of a young man, who instead of using his talents in a positive way, decided to risk his freedom by doing what he very well knew was wrong. His selfish actions brought him to a confrontation with the police officers looking after a community. They had no intention of causing death to anyone by using a working tool provided to them to be used on those who refused to listen to a police officer order when caught breaking the law.

Instead of promoting the defacing of private property, violence and disrespect to the police officers, people should use a little common sense. It is not difficult to understand that all human beings have the capacity to differentiate right from wrong and the capacity to understand that actions have consequences, without forgetting that the first action is what leads to what then will follow. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN RIGHT, SO WHEN THEY GO OUT TO SOCIETY THEY CANNOT REGRET THEIR ACTIONS LATER.

It is important for the news to take to their viewers another point of view of what has taken place.

Beatriz Sierra
Beatriz Sierra

ACTO DE BARBARIE.....inaceptable el ASESINATO de un joven de nuestra comunidad.....J U S T I C I A ....

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

Publicity stunt. When the feds decide there was no break in protocol then everybody will stop complaining about an unfortunate accident? Doubtful.

drakemallard topcommenter

How to Avoid Getting Shot by a Police Officer

 Never flee from police  . If the police approach you and speak to you, do not run or even walk away. Regardless of your rights, doing this arouses suspicion and greatly increases the chance of a fatal misunderstanding. If you are innocent, you have nothing to gain by fleeing. The law does not require you to volunteer information to the police. Doing so without an attorney present could conceivably cause you problems. The idea is to be cooperative enough that you don't arouse unjustified suspicions. Remember, however, that even if you are guilty of a crime, fleeing will only make things worse.

Avoid any sudden movements. No matter what you're doing when contacted by the police, stop and remain still. At this point, any movement you make that is unexpected is one step closer to getting shot, especially any movements you make with your hands.

Do what you're told, and do it slowly. The officer will tell you exactly what he or she wants you to do. That typically includes putting your hands on the back of your head, walking backwards toward the sound of their voice, or lying down on the ground. Obey their orders, but do it at a slow enough pace that you don't alarm them.

 Do not talk. At this point, you've either already broken the law and don't need to make it worse on yourself, or you are the victim of a misunderstanding and need to cooperate to prevent an unfortunate accident. Chances are good that if the officer has drawn his or her weapon, you will almost certainly be arrested, and there is not much you can say to stop that from happening. There will be plenty of time to talk once you are in cuffs and no longer considered a threat.

 Let yourself be handcuffed. While that may be uncomfortable, struggling against the cuffs or trying to resist in any way is only going to result in further trouble. In many places, it is police protocol to place handcuffs on even the most cooperative of suspects.If you have an injury (such as a stiff or "frozen" shoulder or a recently broken shoulder), let the officer know before he or she tries to cuff you and ask politely if your hands can be cuffed in another way rather than behind your back

drakemallard topcommenter

It’s a crime, not art!  Graffiti, it’s everywhere.On freeway bridges, bus stops maybe your own property. But getting rid of it is a never-ending, expensive process.

 Fleeing the police, after they have identified themselves as police, is ALWAYS a chargeable offense. Once you flee from an officer, you can be charged with fleeing the police, even if you have done nothing wrong.

The moral is: If a police officer asks you for I.D. or wants to handcuff you and you are innocent, do not run. Just comply. You can always file a complaint later, if the cop has acted inappropriately The criminal charge of fleeing a police officer is often added on to other criminal charges.

NJ Gilbert
NJ Gilbert

I have no faith, in the usa System.

Agatha Morazzani
Agatha Morazzani

Finally, something that makes sense and some sort of hope for that poor family.


@Tony Miller 

This was no accident. It appears to have been a celebrated execution for contempt of cop. Today is not too soon to regain control of police.

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