Midtown Walmart Foes File Appeal

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With a special permit in hand, Walmart seems to be well on its way to finally plopping a superstore right in the middle of midtown. But now a group of anti-Walmart activists has filed an appeal claiming the City of Miami should have never approved the permit.

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"Walmart's plan would spoil a $170 million community investment in midtown Miami," Grant Stern, spokesman for NoWalmartinMidtown.com, said in a statement. "Walmart has made an end run around important local regulations and obtained a flawed approval for their Super Center... We must stand up for rule of law in our community today, or we'll wind up with more architectural disasters like this proposed Walmart littering our landscape."

Walmart's Class 2 Permit was officially approved by Miami Planning Director Francisco J. Garcia on August 12. NoWalmartinMidtown.com has hired attorney Paul Savage to handle an appeal. The group claims Garcia overstepped his boundaries by approving minimally revised plans submitted by Walmart.

The appeal will be heard by the Planning and Zoning Appeals Board.

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Alex Anico
Alex Anico

Target has been there for ages and it's the same thing as Walmart...


Right now I don't care what happen in midtown. I stopped going to that area two year ago. In fact, wynwood, midtown and the design deserve a big and super trashy Walmart

George Attard
George Attard

Welcome to the 21st century, when activists protest a store. Rome is burning.

Amanda Padilla
Amanda Padilla

Good! It's going to damage the quiet, friendly, easy going image.

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