MLB to Suspend 13 Players Linked to Biogenesis, A-Rod To Appeal

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Bud Selig's hammer is finally going to come down today on the MLB investigation into players obtaining performance enhancing drugs from Biogenesis, a now-shuttered Coral Gables "anti-aging clinic." Miami New Times was the first to report that the clinic was supplying PEDs to major MLB stars in an investigation published in January.

A total of 13 players are reported to be suspended for 50 games and have accepted their fate. However, Alex Rodriguez reportedly plans to appeal his suspension.

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Here, via CBS Sports, are the 11 players who will be out for 50 games:

  • Astros: LHP Sergio Escalona (minors)
  • Mariners: C Jesus Montero (minors)
  • Mets: UTIL Jordany Valdespin and OF Cesar Puello (both minors)
  • Padres: SS Everth Cabrera and RHP Fautino De Los Santos (minors)
  • Phillies: LHP Antonio Bastardo
  • Rangers: OF Nelson Cruz
  • Tigers: SS Jhonny Peralta
  • Yankees: C Francisco Cervelli and OF Fernando Martinez (minors)
  • No Team: LHP Jordan Norberto (free agent)

A-Rod however reportedly will be hit with a 211-game suspension that would keep him out for the rest of the season and all of next. He plans to appeal the suspension. Rodriguez's feels his suspension should be in line with the 50 games the other players received, and less than the 65 game suspension Ryan Braun accepted earlier this summer. In fact, Rodriguez may even return from injury to play for the Yankees while the appeal is being processed.

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So what?!

It is just a game and the MLB does not really care, as long as they can make tons of money of these thoroughbreds.

Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor

Makes me wonder about links between Biogenesis and other sports outside of baseball.

fishingblues topcommenter

A-roid --   "I'm fighting for my life here."  sniff, sniff   ----(That would be the little coward tearing up and feeling sorry for himself and not an indication that he would EVER "sniff" coke or other illegal drugs.)

Throw the piece of shit out of baseball.  period.

Orlando De Frias
Orlando De Frias

Roids are the fun thing about baseball though. Thanks a lot, assholes. Next week's headline, "We've spearheaded a bill that'll make displaying cleavages illegal in Florida. You're welcome!"

Andrew Kadushin
Andrew Kadushin

Great investigative reporting. Making the Miami New Times a much more reputable news source. Congrats!

Fred Cole
Fred Cole

Fire 'em all, take away that MONEY...

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