Pi Kappa Alpha Has a History of Suspensions in Florida, Including for Alleged Rape

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Pi Kappa Alpha's frat house at FIU is now under investigation and on suspension.
When FIU suspended fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha for Facebook posts showing drug dealing, hazing, and creep shots, not everyone was surprised.

"Pike has always had a bad reputation for being meatheads," says one FIU fraternity insider. "Now it looks like that stereotypical reputation is pretty spot-on."

In fact, Pi Kappa Alpha has been suspended from nearly every major school in the state over the past 25 years, including high-profile cases of rape and suspected roofies.

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Pi Kappa Alpha's national organization has tried to distance itself from the scandal at FIU.

"The International Fraternity had no previous knowledge of this Facebook group and was informed of its existence on Tuesday, August 20, 2013," according to a statement released yesterday. "The International Fraternity has been assured of the chapter's full compliance with the temporary suspension and subsequent investigation."

But the fraternity can't deny its long and troubled history in Florida.

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One of the Facebook posts that led to Pi Kappa Alpha's current suspension from FIU.
That trouble began back in March 1988, when four Pi Kappa Alpha members -- known as "Pikes" -- were arrested for raping an 18-year-old female student at Florida State University.

The drunken FSU student was found dumped in the hallway of another frat house, with scratches, bruises, and "crude words and a fraternity symbol written on her thighs," according to a grand jury report.

Of the four arrested, one was given immunity after coming forward about the crime. The other three all struck plea deals. Daniel Oltarsh, the alleged rape ringleader, ended up serving three years in prison.

The FSU incident came just days after several other Pikes were arrested for a similar sexual assault at Stetson University, an hour north of Orlando.

Pi Kappa Alpha was banned from FSU for more than a decade and was allowed to reopen a chapter only in 1999.

But Pikes have gotten into trouble elsewhere in Florida as well.

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Another of Pi Kappa Alpha's incriminating Facebook posts.
The University of Miami suspended its chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha in 2005, although details of that incident are unclear.

In 2007, the University of Florida suspended its Pikes for four years after three women passed out during a September 2006 barbecue. The women suspected they had been given roofies; however, investigators found no signs of foul play, and a court later overturned the suspension.

Also in 2007, the University of Central Florida shut down its chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha after the Pike house racked up 28 code violations.

In 2011, Pi Kappa Alpha's UM chapter was suspended once again. And, most recently, Florida Atlantic University suspended its Pikes for suspected hazing. One Pike was suspended for two years over the incident.

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This is a total trash piece filled with inaccurate information. The incident at Stetson was never proven to be a rape or even an assault, nobody was ever even arrested (never mind charged), the police investigated and the authorities declined to bring any charges and the school reinstated the fraternity afterwards. This was a situation where the alleged "victim", who was in an ongoing sexual relationship with one of the fraternity brothers, got too drunk one night and had sex with him in front of some his friends. The next morning she was mortified by her behavior and alleged that she had been "assaulted".

Landry Alexander
Landry Alexander

They make Q-Dawgs look like choir boys. Bad habits and money are a helluva drug.

Lorraine Costa
Lorraine Costa

About time this made it to the news. Disgusting!

Jim Lee
Jim Lee

Sound like they should be shut down.

Anastasia Biltmore
Anastasia Biltmore

As a woman, I am sickened by this story. As an FIU alumni, I am absolutely disgusted. They have brought shame to the university, the alumni, and the entire greek system. Those who are named on the site and posted the photos should be expelled immediately.

Lisa Edmunds
Lisa Edmunds

This case itself is disgusting enough. Selling drugs on campus, taking advantage of and disrespecting women...what arrogance and lack or remorse to brag about it and post on social media. Truly disgusting

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