South Florida Is Having a Sand Shortage Crisis

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You would think that if there's one thing South Florida has too much of its sand. You end up with at least half a pound of it in your car after every trip to the beach, and yet the great sand shortage of 2013 is upon is.

Seriously, we're running out of sand.

Beaches along our coasts regularly lose sand to erosion, and to replenish it, new sand is usually brought in from offshore sources or places inland. But those sources are now running low, and the search is on for new sand sources.

According to WLRN, several new sources are being considered. The thought of buying new sand from places like the Bahama and the Turks and Caicos is even being thrown around. Finding sources of sand inland or from deeper in the ocean are also being considered.

Broward County however is testing a program to line their beaches with ground up recycled glass, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Since glass and sand share the same basic material of silica, the idea isn't too far fetched. Engineers can even specify the color and the size of the sand, though some worry whether that program could be economically feasible in the long run.

"We are running out of sand statewide, we're all going to have to put our heads together and come up with solutions," Leanne Welch of the Palm Beach County Environmental Program tells the Sentinel. "Statewide, we're dealing with shrinking sand coupled with shrinking budgets," Welch said.

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Ground up Glass? No wonder Ft. Lauder dale beach sand feels like your stepping on glass shards. DNW.

frankd4 topcommenter

"The White Sand Company is an aggregate company supplying top quality sand products originating from the Dunes of Michigan and the Panhandle of Florida, our minimum order is 18 yards (a very large dump truck load). ".........advertisement on their site

if the WHITE SAND Company is advertising and promoting that THEY could get you as much BEACH QUALITY sand as you could want from the florida panhandle ISN'T IT OBVIOUS to the geniuses here in the county maybe that's their answer ?

frankd4 topcommenter

otherwise with ALL the advances in technology like CAD-CAM, doppler weather tracking, plate techtonics, radar and sonar, fractal geometry, astro-physics.......................ft liquordale is still too stupid to figure out the BEACH sand situation ?

then again even DETROIT has a better public BUS transportation system than broward county so i suppose we do have a lot of dumb people running this place

Lauren Castillo
Lauren Castillo

so I should stop selling those beach zen kits on etsy?

frankd4 topcommenter

d u d e , have you ever been to the florida alps ?

thats the name of that sandpile at the end of the proposed new RUNWAY at the ft liquordale airport - see all that millions of cubic feet piles of sand some eighty plus feet into the sky ?

otherwise its not the sand, its global warming raising the water level - D U H !


@frankd4 there's generally more to a story than any mainstream source bothers to report but my first thoughts are that the glass could be cheaper, and someone who owns the glass company could be donating to campaign funds.

frankd4 topcommenter

@premitive1 @frankd4 

not only to campaign funds but DIRECTLY to broward county commissioners.....................something the WHITE SAND COMPANY is obviously too honest to do = or else we would get all the sand we wanted from them

it is so common for these local politicians to be on the take you see it almost everywhere = predatory towing, public transportation, residential construction, police activity, water and sewer dept and so on

it's why the ft lauderdale police dept did an INVESTIGATION and arrested VICTIMs = the police HAD TO BE on the take from that bar operator (however an actual video tape showed the truth so the cops will have to REDACT that investigation and drop all charges against those victims)

it's why B S O is for sale and was bought and paid for by scott rothstein and no deputy on the take got targeted = the deputies PAID would probably sing and name names higher UP leading to a very untidy scene in county political circles

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