"Stand Your Ground" Repeal Bill Filed in Tallahassee, but Support Looks Thin

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Travyon Martin's death sparked a mass protest of Stand Your Ground.
After a monthlong sit-in, threats of a national musician boycott, and impassioned pleas from the family of slain Miami teen Trayvon Martin, a legislator has taken the first step toward repealing Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Rep. Alan Williams, a Tallahassee Democrat, has filed HB 4003, which would overturn the law tied to neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman's shooting of the unarmed Martin.

Don't hold your breath for the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature to line up behind the move, though.

"I have seen nothing to give me any indication that the Legislature wants to change the Stand Your Ground law," Marion Hammer, the former NRA president who helped craft the law, tells the Florida Current.

Before filing the bill, Williams helped the Dream Defenders, the group that sat in protest inside Florida's capitol from July 16 until last week demanding a special session to repeal Stand Your Ground.

"We can finally have a meaningful dialogue on this next month," Williams tells the Current. "I thought it was important enough that we at least put a bill out there for discussion."

Expect most of the GOP reps in Tally to lean on the same argument as Hammer, though, who notes that a "blue ribbon" panel formed by Gov. Rick Scott after Martin's death found no need to change the law.

That panel, conveniently, included "unbiased experts" such as Rep. Dennis Baxley, the Republican who drafted the bill in the first place and three other lawmakers who voted for or cosponsored the law. Half of them are even members of ALEC, the conservative think tank that got Stand Your Ground passed in scores of other states. No politicians who opposed the law found a seat on the task force.

So its findings were probably as foregone a conclusion as the death of Williams' repeal bill, which gets its first public hearing in a criminal justice subcommittee next month.

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frankd4 topcommenter

SYG is not only divisive cleanly seperating the olde white redneck NRA GUNs from negro communities but it is a great "soundbite" sized motto

while it had nothing to do with the verdict of GZ it has everything to do with the basis of push-back against the NRA which to date has been politically suicidal

expect PER ALAN WILLIAMS to be paid off by the NRA and this whole ruckus will become a tempest in a teapot - a lot of puffing but NO CHANGE in the LAW and certainly NOT here in FLORIDA where the law making body the legislature is BOUGHT and PAID FOR and owned by the NRA

George Hoover
George Hoover

ZIMMERMANN DIDN'T GET OFF ON STAND YOUR GROUND!!! He got off on Self Defense (BIG DIFFERENCE)...please stop misrepresenting the facts!!!


This was a self defense case not an SYG case. Why don't you post the stats showing SYG was used successfully by African Americans more than by white folks? Why don't you post stories about SYG saving lives. Tell both sides of the story so people can make informed decisions based on facts not emotion.

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

Why is his picture attached to a SYG story? Or do you just slap his picture on every story you want to get attention now?

Jon Doomm
Jon Doomm

As if the "Stand Your Ground" law was the issue here... really?...

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

You guys just refuse to listen and continue to spew lies!



Man always had the right to Stand Your Ground.  The law just cut down on the paperwork,  Repeal the law and nothing will change.........NOTHING!

Lynne Dear
Lynne Dear

Did they ever find a death certificate for this child? Did they ever find a birth certificate and which school he was attending??????

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