Suspected Bomb in Florida Turns Out to Be a Rabbit Vibrator

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A Florida woman received a suspicious package last month and called police. Though, a bomb expert quickly determined that the item in the package wasn't so much a weapon of mass destruction, but a weapon of mass pleasure.

According to Off The Beat, the Jensen Beach woman received the packed on July 30th in a US Postal Service priority mail envelope and called police the next day. A Martin County Sheriff's Officer came to her home to inspect the package. The department's bomb tech specialist was then called in.

The specialist then deduced that it was not a bomb at all, but rather a battery operated sex toy. "A pink plastic adult novelty item, with some type of a plastic rabbit attached to it," to be more specific. Apparently the woman had never seen that Sex and the City episode.

The woman claimed that she had never ordered the sex toy, and theorized that it was sent to her by another woman who had previously had a relationship with her husband. She claims the woman had harassed her before and she had gotten an injunction against the woman. Though, police have not yet found proof that the sex toy delivery was indeed from her hubby's ex.

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frankd4 topcommenter

who calls police instead of just sending it back as "return to sender" without all the drama

Tu Madre
Tu Madre

Those are some super powerful batteries! Yeaaaah boyeeee! LMAO

Melinda McGrath
Melinda McGrath

The highly trained expert "deduced" that the device had " some type of a plastic rabbit attached to it," .... How hilarious!! =D

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