The Marlins Were a Hilarious Circus of Terrible Baseball Last Night

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via Woeful Nats
Two runners generally are not meant to share a single base.
The Marlins had a decent shot of derailing the red-hot Washington Nationals last night, taking a 3-1 lead in the top of the sixth thanks in part to a Giancarlo Stanton bomb. But then the Marlins realized they are the sad clowns of Major League Baseball and ended up stumbling their way to a 4-3 loss.

Enjoy these clips of major league professional baseball players sliding two-at-a-time into the same base and letting a pop-up drop when a fan calls for the ball.

This delightful piece of baserunning -- which could have been prevented with a few more showings of Tom Emanski's video tips in the clubhouse -- was sparked by Logan Morrison getting caught in a rundown between third and home.

Morrison also fell for the classic fan-yelling-for-a-pop-up trick, which actually is neither a classic nor a trick because no one else falls for this.

The Fish have now lost seven of eight and are narrowly trailing the Houston Astros for most the embarrassing record in baseball.

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Jferever Dilligaf Gonz
Jferever Dilligaf Gonz

old news is not good news......but then again when has the word "good" been associated with south floriduh teams?

Raul Diego
Raul Diego

They should remake the brand 'a la' globetrotters. They would be the equivalent of the Washington Generals and would go around playing the MLB teams for special 'whacky' sports night. I'm completely serious. This will work. Especially in war time.

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