Two More Miami-Dade Libraries Could Be Spared

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It seems like two more libraries previously threatened with closure could be getting a reprieve.

According to the Miami Herald, the North Shore and Virrick Park branches could join the six branches spared from closure under Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez's plan. That would bring the number of libraries on the chopping block down from 22 to 14.

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Culmer, Opa-locka, Lemon City, Little River, Shenandoah, and Lakes of the Meadows were the six other branches spared.

In a memo obtained by the Herald, Gimenez says that he will keep a minimum of 35 branches open. Though the branches that remain open will likely operate on slashed budgets, which would mean fewer hours, fewer staff and fewer offerings.

"As we narrow down to a final list of libraries that will remain open, our next step will be to strategically and collaboratively finalize a recommendation regarding library schedules," Gimenez wrote in the memo.

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Who cares. Close them all. They are barely open now. 

Fully fund them, and have them open as close to 24/7 365 as possible, or close them.

Stop threating citizens with their closure and do it. We dare you!


These libraries aren't "saved" - 2 to 6, open only 2 to 3 days a week. That's not a library. If the county wants to have these new "Technology Centers" or whatever they're calling them in ADDITION to the library, that's great. Go for it. But a bunch of computers staffed with supervisors who aren't even library assistants - that's not a library, not by the loosest definition of the word. Come on, county government - we can tell the difference.

And again, not ONCE in Gimenez's latest memo to the county commissioners about how hard he's working to save the libraries (never mind that created this situation in the first place), does he AT ALL mention librarians. Because they are expendable and useless, what with everyone having tablets and only caring about the library so they can get on facebook.

But this enables them to say "Yay us! Of COURSE libraries matter, look we saved like a whole mess of them!"#SaveOurLibrary 

Carl Snyder
Carl Snyder

Dade is a mess....move out like i did.

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