A-Rod "Downgrades" to $2.1 Million Miami Beach Apartment (Photos)

Embattled Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is on the real estate move again. After selling his Miami Beach mansion for a tidy $30 million back in May, A-Rod has now "downgraded" to a luxury $2.1 million condo in a mid-beach tower.

According to Gossip Extra, Rodriguez's new digs are in the Asian-inspired MEi building, and his 11th floor unit is 1,725 square feet with three bedroom and three baths.

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via The Jills

via The Jills
Luxury units in the MEi boast beachfront views like these.

Not too shabby, but for a man whose owned massive multi-million dollar waterfront mansion in both Miami Beach and Coral Gables, condo life does seem like a bit of a downgrade.

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Constanza Maute
Constanza Maute

as long as it doesn't cause traffic on collins, i dont care

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