Conan O'Brien Explains the Gold iPhone Is for Miami Beach Party Trash

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This is a true story. Back when I was studying at the University of Miami and enrolled in a class taught by President Donna Shalala, she excused herself to take a call on her gold Motorola Razr, and in that instant, she gained the admiration of every sorority girl on campus. Her gold Razr instantly became campus lore. So it's safe to say there's a large segment of people in this city who love gold things.

Last night, Conan O'Brien explained who designed the new gold iPhone: a party-lovin', chain-wearin', Russian-accented, Miami Beach-livin', wannabe playboy named Raffi Jaharian.

Raffi explained his design inspiration: "You know, you're on a deck of a boat. Hot lady on this arm. Hot lady on that arm. Champagne cocktail. Dance beats going good. DJ says, 'Hey, Raffi, only the hottest tracks for you,' and you're like, 'Ah, buddy you're the best.' Gold is best."

Sounds about right.

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So damn true! I work at Best Buy and I can easily say over 80% of the people coming in for the iPhone 5s want the gold one. They gladly put themselves on the over 1 month waiting list just to acquire one; even when we had the grey ones in stock!

Ana V Gomez
Ana V Gomez

I do. I'm way beyond that lifestyle ;)

Jose Larosa
Jose Larosa

Ana V Gomez Don't you want a gold one?

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