Dolphins-Colts: Five Things To Watch For

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Unbelievably, the Dolphins won their season opener for the first time since 2007 last Sunday. EHRRR MERR GERRRSH! The defense was stout, Ryan Tannehill seemed to elevate his game (especially on 3 hirdrd downs), Mike Wallace was already being considered as trade bait for his belly-aching postgame and Michael Egnew cried after the game (pictured right) so all is as well as it should be in DolphinLand. IT'S OUR TIME!

Here's five things to watch before this Sunday's game against the Colts:

1. Tannehill vs Luck II

The first iteration of this battle of 2012 first round QBs went Luck's way as the then-rookie broke the single-game rookie passing record with 433 yards in the air, dominated the Dolphins defense on third down and fellow rookie T.Y. Hilton made GM Jeff Ireland wish he'd done a little more draft research in unincorporated Dade County. This time around, Luck is a year older and wiser but lacks the gleaming white glory of Tannehill's new toys on offense. If there was ever a time for a Mike Wallace coming out party, this would be it.

2. Don't Let Andrew Luck Destroy Your Ass in the 4th Quarter

The kid already has 5 4th quarter comebacks in 17 NFL games, which is crazyballs. Furthermore, Luck is big and strong so the Dolphins D must be sure to bring him down or he can also kill you with his legs. Small wonder some Dolphins fans wanted the team to lose every game in 2011 to ensure our chances of drafting this once-in-a-generation talent. HA HA. THOSE PEOPLE WERE STUPID AND CRAZY, RIGHT???

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